Music School

Jayshree Ramachandran OAM established her music school Sapthaswara in 1991 and has trained over 500 hundred students since its inception. Sapthaswara is now one of the finest classical music schools in Melbourne.To date Jayshree has presented Four Arangetrams, a ceremonial debut by the students in a full repertoire .

Her students regularly perform for several organisations and music festivals and have received numerous accolades. The school‘s annual concert “Pradarshini” is one of the most eagerly awaited annual features. Jayshree has left an indelible stamp in Melbourne by training students living thousands of miles away from the traditional centre of Indian music. Her uncompromising dedication to the rigorous standards of classical carnatic music has instilled upon her students the importance and seriousness of performance on the stage. Every performance by Jayshree and her students is approached with great dedication and respect for the art.Classes are held in Wantirna Sth Melbourne. Coaching is currently done online as well.